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Have you ever noticed how many international couples are around you? People from different countries, of different cultures and mentalities who meet, date, get married and live happily ever after are not that rare anymore. The majority of them got to know each other thanks to a particular dating website. If you have always dreamt of being married to a foreign girl, this article is right for you!

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Cypriot Brides Dating Culture

Cyprus is a multicultural country situated in the Eastern Mediterranean sea. This state has two official languages Greek and Turkish. However, Cypriot brides speak English well, so the language barrier is not a problem.

These ladies enjoy going out and having fun. There are so many places where you can approach a bride from Cyprus. A lot of Cypriot females are now successfully married to foreigners, nurture kids and enjoy happy family lives. The reason why so many pretty Cypriot girls become mail order brides is easy to understand. Their families often put tremendous pressure on them telling them to get married and give birth to kids. Beautiful Cypriot women are looking for long term relationships with foreigners to start leading a free life.

Brides in Cyprus complain of men being reserved, unable to find the right approach to ladies. They claim that men feel rather awkward starting the simplest conversation. This is the reason why Cypriot brides are willing to move away from Cyprus and create a family with a foreigner easily. Good news for those who dream of a Cypriot wife but are not ready to leave their native country.

People in Cyprus are very religious. Most of them preach the Orthodox church. Even though their religion stigmatizes premarital sex, not all Cypriot girls for marriage are that conservative. She can get from friendship to being intimate with you fast, but only if she really likes you.

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The Appearance of Ladies from Cyprus

A lot of men from all over the world place Cypriot ladies to the top of the most gorgeous brides. Their charm and elegance are hard to doubt. Females from Cyprus are known for their outstanding beauty. The features that distinguish them in the crowd are soft tanned olive skin, big brown eyes, and full tempting lips. One more feature peculiar to Cypriot ladies is well defined sharp chin line.

Moreover, Cypriot mail-order brides can boast of having thin bodies will famine curves that have nothing in common with being overweight. The impeccable sense of style and ability to enhance their natural attractiveness with beautiful makeup only makes these females more charming.

Characteristics of Cypriot brides

If you think that beautiful brides are mostly shallow, you should definitely get to know a woman from Cyprus. Femininity and a powerful spirit are combined harmonically in their characters. Cypriot wives online possess all the qualities that men are looking for in their brides.


Cyprus is a state where a lot of festivals are held. This is not strange that Cypriots mail order wives love hanging out and partying. These brides get really excited when it comes to the organization of various parties and celebrations. Cypriot girlfriends know how to arrange their spare time property and so you will never get bored with them.


In Cyprus, people are used to educating girls and boys equally. Brides attend universities, obtain a degree and get well-paid jobs. This fact gives them a feeling of independence from their men. Cypriot male order brides know the importance of proper education and will pass it to future generations.

Passionate about art

This is probably the feature that most accurately defines their personalities. The passion for literature, music and visual arts is in their nature. However, these hot ladies don’t only admire the art, but also learn from it. Take your Cypriot brides to the art gallery or theatre and watch her eyes shining.


Since childhood, girls in Cyprus are taught that family is sacred for every woman. These brides were brought up being good housekeepers, caring mothers and passionate lovers for their husbands. Cypriot wives will always support their husbands and put them number one in the list of priorities. These beauties are absolutely selfless and ready to entirely devote themselves to the marriage.


These brides share traditional family roles. Cyprus is a patriarchal society, men take the leading positions both in the country and family. While men are supposed to be leaders, earn money and protect their families, brides are responsible for all the household duties. Cypriot singles are perfect for you if want to see a respectful and supportive woman by your side. However, don’t forget, that family is based on mutual respect, so your Cypriot mail order wife wants you to respect her too.

Great dating sites for meeting a Cypriot mail order bride

If the idea of marrying a Cypriot girl has captivated your thoughts, then you should surely try online dating. In this article only the most trustworthy dating platforms are gathered so you can search for hot Cypriot women for marriage immediately. Take to the account that these sites are focused on those who are looking for serious relationships. With so many hot Cypriot single women registered, you can easily find your Cypriot bride.

EligibleGreeks is the largest Cypriot and Greek dating site. With a large community of users, it’s known as one of the most trustworthy matrimonial services. If you are looking for a hot Cypriot bride for sale of any age, then is worth your attention. You will be pleasantly surprised by an extended database of gorgeous Cypriot ladies online as well as with the convenience of the site. Once having purchased a subscription, you can enjoy using all the site’s services such as video chats and instant messaging. The website offers a free registration process, so hurry up and be ready to get acquainted with so many extremely sexy Cypriot mail-order brides.

VictoriaDates is an advanced dating website with an impressive experience in the sphere of online dating. Single women registered on the website mostly live in European countries such as Germany, France, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Canada. offers a  free registration process and free use of an extended search system so every user can understand if the website is worth to be paid for. During the registration, you will need to mention your basic information, goals, dreams, and interests. Advanced communication tools and services are also available on the website to make your communication with women for marriage more effective. You can even order the flower or gift delivery for your Cypriot mail order bride.

Loveawake is a dating website aimed at Western Men who are looking for a long-term relationship with a Cypriot woman. It provides the users with only verified profiles of beauties from Cyprus, be sure that no fraudulent accounts will distract you from the interaction with the brides. Apart from this, the issue of safety is crucial for LoveAwake’s developers. The security system is very-well thought over by a team of professionals. All the users’ payments and data are protected with a reliable SSL encryption system.

If you are worried if all these websites are legit- don’t worry, these brides absolutely are.

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Tips for dating Cypriot Mail Order Brides

Now when the truth about dating Cypriot women is revealed, you have no reason not to take a shot and approach one. However, this may be not as easy as it seems. The Cypriot brides are very elegant and these brides have inherited a strong sense of self-respect from their mothers. A Cypriot single woman will become your blessing if only you treat her well.

Find a worthy matrimonial service

This step is more important than everyone may think. A decent dating website is what helps you be confident that your interaction with a lady is safe and has a chance to become something more than simply messaging. Consider the prices, convenience of use, reviews and your intentions. There are websites aimed at people looking for serious relationships as well as at those interested only in casual dating. Don’t be shy to sign up and meet your true love.

Create a good account

No matter how much time have you been looking for a decent website and how much money you have spent on the subscription if you neglected to fill out the profile. The questionnaire at the beginning of the registration is a basic source of information that helps the matchmaking system of the website find for you a perfect partner. In addition, profiles with all the necessary information have higher chances to attract a Cypriot bride.

Write to several women

The variety of stunning brides is so impressive, that it’s not easy to choose only one. On the other hand, who said that you need to choose? Write to several women, get to know them better and only then pick up who sparks an interest in your heart. Use communication tools such as video chats to find out something more about your Cypriot bride for sale. All in all, video chats is a more convenient way of interaction than bland messaging.

Let her trust you

These ladies are very reliable. These brides believe that trust is one of the most important conditions of a successful marriage. You can share with your bride from Cyprus all your innermost thoughts and be will never give them away. The same quality she is looking for in her partner. Let her see that you are a decent and reliable guy, be ready to hear her out and never make her doubt you. Her trust is not easy to return.

Share her interests

You already know how much you give from Cyprus loves going out. She gets excited about the idea of a festival or party. But as much as she enjoys partying, she enjoys theatre performances and art galleries. What she truly hates- is to attend them alone. If you want to get closer to a woman from Cyprus, let her know that you are ready to follow her on every event. Believe it or not, she will melt like the ice.


To summarize, Cypriot women are among the most desired in the world. They are looking for a decent man in whom they can confide. You will be surprised to know how much the Cypriot woman is ready to offer you. Their elegance, beauty, sense of style and valuable features will leave no men indifferent. If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent and loving loving partner, you should consider a Cypriot wife. Fortunately, with the creation of various dating websites dating ladies from Cyprus is now much easier than before. Don’t miss the chance to meet your love!

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